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Privacy Policy

We consider it our social duty to ensure that personal data are handled appropriately. To reflect this, we have drawn up the following principles on the protection of personal data, and will strive to protect and manage personal data based on these. We will rigorously familiarize all our employees (including Directors) with these principles. Moreover, to ensure that these principles are practiced and observed, we will not only formulate and apply measures for the protection of personal data, but will also periodically audit the application of those measures.<br>In this way, we will take steps to continuously improve measures for protecting personal data.

  1. This company will comply with laws and ordinances, as well as principles, guidelines and others stipulated by government authorities regarding the protection of personal data.
  2. This company will establish a system for the protection of personal data, will also determine internal rules, regulations, etc., concerning the appropriate acquisition, use and management of personal data, and will comply with these.
  3. All personal data acquired by this company will be handled in accordance with the purpose of use determined by the company.
  4. This company will not supply personal data to any third party, except in the following cases.
    • (1) When the consent of the person in question has been obtained.
    • (2) When the information is presented or provided as statistical data or other forms in which the person cannot be identified.
    • (3) When the provision of the information is required by law.
    • (4) When provision is necessary in order to protect human life, limb or property, and when the consent of the person is difficult to obtain.
    • (5) When it is particularly necessary in order to promote the improvement of public hygiene or the healthy growth of children, and when the consent of the person is difficult to obtain.
    • (6) When it is necessary to do so by way of cooperating in public work undertaken by the government or local authorities, etc., when the execution of said work could be obstructed by obtaining the consent of the person.
    • (7) When providing information to the persons listed in 5. Below.
  5. This company may sometimes use personal data jointly with other companies in the Oji Paper Group, within the range of use determined by the company. In this case, this company shall bear responsibility for managing said personal data.
  6. As well as devising measures to prevent illegal access to personal data, or loss, destruction, tampering, leakage, etc., this company will promptly implement remedial measures in the event of an accident, etc.
  7. When the person in question requests the disclosure, deletion or amendment, etc., of personal data held by this company, in accordance with standards separately determined by the company, this company shall, having confirmed that the person making the request is the person in question, meet said request whenever appropriate, unless there is a special reason to the contrary, such as that it would violate other laws or ordinances.

April 11th, 2016

Inquiries on the protection of personal data:

Administrative Department
TEL: 0545-71-3132

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