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"Absorptivity" and "Customizability" are the strengths of our products.

Absorptivity and Customizability


Absorption Not only liquids such as water and oil, but also odors, moisture, sound, etc,We are good at absorbing many things!

The air laid method makes the fibers align in a three dimensional direction during webbing, which makes it easy to create bulk, and our nonwoven fabrics have a particularly low density structure with a lot of voids.
We can also blend super absorbent polymers (SAP) and super absorbent fibers (SAF), which can be designed according to the target absorption.



Customizability A wide variety of available raw materials. The possibilities are endless with combinations!

We develop materials that meet customer needs from a myriad of combinations by multiplying material x function x processing.
Our processing technology based on many years of experience allows us to process materials into any size and shape.
We will propose the best material for your needs from among the many possible combinations.


Various combinations of powders, fibers, and surface materials are sheeted using the airlaid method.

Added Functionality

Antibacterial, deodorant, flame retardant, etc., functional materials are used for further sheet functionality.


Sheet thickness and density are adjustable. Post-processing such as punching, embossing, and laminating are also available.

A wide range of material combinations, abundant added functions and processing, the possibilities of materials are endless.


"The aspiration is in the development."

We have the ability to develop tailor-made products by utilizing our absorbency and customizability.
Our ability to develop tailor-made products


Technological Strength

We create products that anticipate the needs of the times with our unique materials and advanced technology.

Two processes, the Kinocloth process and the TDS process, are used to handle a wide range of materials. Because impurities are not adsorbed through water, there is no concern about performance degradation of porous materials such as activated carbon and zeolite. In addition, materials that do not like water, such as super absorbent polymer (SAP) and super absorbent fiber (SAF), can also be used. The product can be blended without loss of functionality and can be customized for a variety of products due to our extensive track record in functional sheets.

Technological Strength

Joint Development

We jointly develop products as one team according to the purpose and application.

We basically create custom-made products for each customer. From hearing your requests to development and delivery, we develop products that meet your needs as one team with the belief of "Aspiration is in development". Our strength is our "tailor-made development capability" that proposes products beyond the customer's needs with the technical capabilities we have cultivated over the years as a pioneer manufacturer of air laid nonwoven fabrics.<br>Please feel free to contact us first.

Joint Development

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