Food and Cooking

Food ingredients need to be kept tasty and fresh in order to prepare healthy and delicious dishes. In situations like this, the characteristics of pulp air laid nonwoven fabrics come into their own. And since these fabrics are mainly made of wood pulp, they can be used safely and hygienically for food and cooking.

Leed Healthy Cooking Paper

Lion Corporation / Leed Healthy Cooking Paper


This product is characterized by a fast filtration speed due to its low-density structure. Theabsorbency factor is about 20 times its own weight, making it ideal for absorbing water,moisture and oil. It soaks up excess water, moisture and drips to help maintain the delicioustaste and freshness of the ingredients. Excess fat produced when cooking is also absorbed,and this also helps to make healthy and delicious dishes. Even when wet the product remainsstrong and will not tear easily. Using wood pulp as its primary material, this product can beused with reassurance when cooking.


Preparing meat and fish, absorbing drips. Straining oil and stock after cooking, covering food while cooking. Can also be used when warming steamed and deep-fried foods in themicrowave, and to preserve ingredients.

This product uses kinocloth.