Environmental Action

Basic Philosophy

Oji Kinocloth Co., Ltd. sees protecting the global environment as one of its most important tasks. We take environmental protection into account in all aspects of our corporate activity.

Activity Principls

As a company that develops and manufactures pulp air laid nonwoven fabric products.
Oji Kinocloth engages in environmental activity based on the following principles.

  1. Throughout our production activities, we strive to conserve resources and energy, reduce and make effective use of waste, and take steps for the continuous improvement of healthy environments.
  2. In all our work operations, whether regular, irregular or emergency in nature, we undertake pollution prevention measures to ensure that no adverse impact is exerted on the global environment.
  3. We develop eco-friendly products.
  4. We comply with environmental legislation, as well as agreements with local communities, etc.
  5. We engage in environmental management activities, review these periodically or whenever necessary, and strive for continuous improvement to our environmental management system