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Corporate Philosophy

Kind to people, kind to the environment. Challenge the Next Future.

Of the companies in the Oji Group, Oji Kinocloth produces original materials as a company that mainly specializes in pulp air laid nonwoven manufacturing technology.
Since becoming the first company in the world to manufacture pulp ari laid nonwoven fabrics from wood pulp in 1964, Oji Kinocloth has led the industry by manufacturing products at the forefront of contemporary needs. In doing so, we use our own original materials and high technical knowhow, based on our philosophy that “Our Will lies in development”. In recent years, we have expanded our technology from pulp air laid to synthetic fiber air laid materials.

In the world of today, social values are undergoing a major transformation. Awareness of the environment has shifted, while there is an increasing demand for safe and hygienic products. Amid these changes, we see the new challenge for Oji Kinocloth as being to devise, develop and reliably supply products that are “kind to people, kind to the environment”, as demanded by the society and lifestyle of the coming age.
Our philosophy remains unchanged: "Our Will lies in development". We now aim for further growth, perceiving our mission as being to build a more affluent future through our business activities.

Outline and History

Origin of the company name
"Kinocloth" is the English for ki-no-kurosu or "cloth of wood" in Japanese. This name is meant to reflect the fact that our company makes air laid fabrics from wood pulp.
Capital 353 million (100% capitalized by Oji Functional Materials Progressing Center Inc.)
  • Kinocloth ( pulp air laid nonwoven fabrics)
  • Palcloth ( pulp air laid nonwoven fabric containing rayon)
  • Hi-cloth ( pulp air laid nonwoven fabric containing synthetic fibers)
  • BSAP ( pulp air laid nonwoven fabric containing super absorbent polymer)
  • TDS (composite air laid nonwoven fabrics)
  •  etc.

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  • Oji Holdings Corporation.
  • Oji Timely Co., Ltd.
  • Kinocloth Processing Co., Ltd.
  • Oji Kinocloth (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Head Office
Iriyamase 1-2-5, Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture 419-0204
TEL:(81-545) 71-3132 FAX: (81-545) 71-1052
Sales HQ
4F,Oji Paper Bldg. 1, Ginza 5-12-8, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061
TEL: (81-3) 6327-1020 FAX: (81-3) 3542-1070
Fuji Factory
Iriyamase 1-2-5, Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture 419-0204
TEL: (81-545) 71-3132 FAX: (81-545) 71-1052
Research Institute
riyamase 1-2-5, Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture 419-0204
TEL: (81-545) 72-3722 FAX: (81-545) 72-3721
1963 Honshu Paper (now Oji Paper) and the Japan Monopoly Corporation (now Japan Tobacco) start joint development of cigarette filters using wood pulp.
1964 JuneSucceeded in developing the pulp web manufacturing method.
Test machine set up in Central Research Institute.
1965 JulyKinocloth (pulp air laid nonwoven fabric) pilot machine set up in Honshu Paper Fuji Factory.
1970 SeptemberKinocloth Factory completed.
Start of Lion "Leed Cooking Paper".
1971 AprilWon Okochi Memorial Production Award.
1973 DecemberHonshu High Life established.
1974 SeptemberHonshu High Life Fujinomiya Factory completed.
Start of paper diaper production.
1975 DecemberTDS (completely dry-type air laid nonwoven fabrics) test machine completed.
1980 AugustKinocloth production division separated off, Honshu Kinocloth established.
1981 JanuaryMerged with Honshu High Life.
1990 OctoberKinocloth No. 2 machine completed.
1991 JunePaper oshibori towel division separated off, Honshu Timely established (now Oji Timely Co., Ltd.).
1992 MayTDS new factory completed.
1995 OctoberHonshu Timely new factory completed.
1996 AugustNonwoven Fabrics Research Lab transferred from Honshu Paper, re-established as the Research Institute.
1996 OctoberHonshu Paper and New Oji Paper merge to form Oji Paper.
1997 April Fuji Factory obtains ISO9001 registration for cooking paper towels and pulp air laid nonwoven fabric products(registration no.: JSAQ159).
1999 AprilFuji Factory obtains ISO14001 registration.
1999 JulyCompany name changed to Oji Kinocloth Co., Ltd.
2000 AprilFuji Factory obtains expanded ISO9001 registration for TDS nonwoven fabric products.
2004 JuneOji Kinocloth (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. established.
2006 FebruaryKansai Sales Office established.
2007 JanuaryKinocloth Processing Co., Ltd. established.