Product Characteristics:kinocloth/Palcloth/Hi-cloth


Absorbency image

Based on our own pulp air laid method, these products have the bulkiest fiber structure. By sealing fluids inside the opening, they can be made to absorb about twenty times their own weight of water.
The bulky structure of these products makes it possible to control density during the press process, while fluid diffusion by capillary power and absorbed fluid retention can be adjusted to suit the purpose of use. The same level of capability is also available for the oil absorption factor.
Water repellent properties can be added by using a special binder.


Filtration,ventilation imgage

Using the bulky three-dimensional orientation of these products, the filtration aptitude most suited to each use can be controlled by adjusting thickness in the final press process and selecting the fiber shapes to be used.
Kinocloth, in particular, is ideally suited to filtration of edible oil, by virtue of its elimination rate and work efficiency.


Suppleness image

Very soft pulp fibers are gently rendered into sheets using our original air laid method. This makes it possible to produce a soft, felt-like texture. If the surface layer is overlaid with a rayon layer that has an even softer texture, this material is ideal for manufacturing sheets that are gentle on sensitive skin.

Cushioning, shock absorption

Cushioning, shock absorption image

The bulky, low-density characteristics of the air laid method also provide excellent cushioning and shock absorption. This helps to protect equipment as well as fruit and fresh foods without damaging them. Antibacterial and other special chemicals can also be added to the binder, making it possible to manufacture functional shock absorbent materials with freshness retention and other added value properties.